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Maxqt supplies OEM quality replacement parts and components. Both in reciprocating parts and components our products are globally recognized as a supreme quality product and cost-efficiency in the meanwhile. Our corporation provides manufacturing services for replacement parts in wide range of industrial categories and processing techniques, by most innovative machinery and production lines. Our unequalled solutions would be tailored to experienced customers to advance on the manufacturing and supplying of replacement parts and machinery components, by means of sustaining OEM and custom standards to support all types of market requirement.
Our Specials
Maxqt expertise in providing custom components and replacement parts designed for particular needs of manufacturers and re-manufacturers. We have integrated and effective solutions to make high efficiency and increased performance parts to execute your contraption or technical methods.

The online store offers wide range of reciprocating compressor parts. It's conceivable that you may know what part you are looking for via search products facilities on the store. Our online store consists of highest possible quality parts in the world and economical products in the meanwhile.

We strongly serve our clients through an advanced enterprise platform and automated issue tracking system. Your business effectiveness rose from customary to high efficiency with integrated e-business software. Current enterprise gateway lead you straight forward simply and efficient.

Compressor Replacement Parts
An independent department is allocated by Maxqt and it is specified for compressor replacement parts dedicated to support wide range of budget. An extensive capability of Maxqt has pioneered us in compressor replacement parts to provide both supreme quality and economical parts as an optional extra. Our online store facilitates to direct purchasing of compressor reciprocating parts aimed at specific source of manufacturers, re-manufacturers and wholesalers. Shopping by brands or by part number is selective in all of the following:

Copeland Carrier/Carlyle Dorin Grasso
York Bitzer Trane Other Brands
Sabroe Dunham-Bush Bock  

Valve reed & valve disks, Oil pump housing bare and assembly, Aluminum and cast iron pistons, Stator and rotors, Valve plate assembly and bare, Aluminum connecting rods, Babbitt/ Bimetal and PTFE coated Bearings, phosphated and chromic rings, Cylinder liners, Gasket and gasket kits, Crankshaft, Bronze and Copper washer and bushing, Check and Relief Valves, Crankcase Heaters and accessories.

Our company is member of Australia chamber of commerce and we are sufficient corporation to provide manufacturing service and export our superior quality products.

Trademark Statement:  Entire mentioned names in this website such as Bitzer, Carrier, Copeland, Refcomp, Grasso, Trane, Dorin, York, Bock, Mitsubishi, Sabroe, Sanyo, Dunham-Bush, are trademarks for their respective manufacturers and products. our products merely made by supreme quality but not to imply that our products are manufactured by mentioned companies or brands.

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